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▶ App name: M.U. Clear Clipboard
▶ OS: Android
▶ Description:

This free app allows you to:

➔ While you access the web, and use different apps of which has access to your device resources, you wouldn’t want any personal data to always remain at your clipboard. Use this app to clean clipboard easily at any time. We don’t collect any info through this app, it’s also only working offline, so the clipboard data are cleared securely.

➔ Using this app you can also lock the screen to not overuse the lock button.

Usage Notes:

➔ Cleaning the clipboard clears last copied data, and if you paste somewhere you will find that nothing is pasted. However, if your phone has a history of what you’ve copied, you can control that feature from the settings of it.

➔ Lock works flawlessly on some tablets and phones that has no fingerprint or when fingerprint is deactivated only. Android doesn’t allow it with fingerprint activated. It’s safe to enable administrator for this app, that’s required for screen locking. If you had any issue by activating screen lock feature, you can solve the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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